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This kid has wisdom way beyond his years. If you get a chance to go face to face with him I recommend you do just that!

- Dr. Greg Reid

Daniel is a legend in

the making. he will be

the one to lead the

health field for the

next 50 years!

- David Wolfe

He has encapsulated at a vary young age the understanding of how genetics impacts everything!

- Leigh Steinberg

film producer, international speaker, author of 3 feet from GOLD and 22 other new York times best sellers

The real Jerry Maguire

international speaker, author and founder of the raw chocolate industry

15 year old prodigy Daniel Bissonnette is the most in-demand youth keynote speakers in the health and wellness industry.

He's among the world’s top 100 most influential vegans, an award-winning international speaker, activist and best-selling author of "Daniel's Breakfast Burst" and "The Biology of Greatness." His message has been translated into 40 languages around the globe!

Over the years Daniel has had the honor of working with international speakers, award winning authors, medical doctors children, and even individuals with sever disabilities teaching them how to access and activate Genius. Because genius isn't something your born with, it's something you become!

Who is Daniel Bissonnette?
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